Monday, December 14, 2009

..everything is gone..

I would've been there for you through it all
But you never gave me the chance
Running around and tripping
Tripping over ourselves blindly without a glance
Our friendship taking the defeat
Once upon a time our souls would join as our eyes meet
I'd stick around for you
But you're not doing the same too

I finally open my pretty eyes to see
The old scars healed
Then blackened as you made a deal
To never reverberate your voice my way
everything between us died that day
The poison is still in my veins
As you kill my quietly, with no fair chance for change

It hurts so much, I know words will never ever be enough
And I guess they never were
The words were rough, but we are still alive
And if that doesn't say something, I don't know what does
I love you so much
Like a sister to a brother

He's losing me He's pushing me away
He's the one who should feel the pain and pay
Whats the point of going on?
When everything is gone?
I'm stuck here with no love to my name

Abandoned in a vacant wasteland
To pick up the shards and somehow form my love for life again
Walking on the fragmented love you used to send
But now it has cone to an end...

I'm falling as you run endlessly
This is what happens when you drive love and pain on the same one way street
I love you so much it hurts
I pushed you further and further away I can prove you you that I'm not just dirt
I guess it's too late
I lost my best friend forever
Time to go be one with the earth