Wednesday, November 5, 2008

..callin u ( totally lost!)..

m callin u ... wit all my times n ol my fights.. in search for the truth.. tryin to reach u.. see the worth of my sweat, my house n my bed.. am lost in sleep.. i will not be false in who i am as long as i breathe.. Oh no !! no!! no!! i dun need nobody.. i dun fear nobody.. i dun call nobody but u.. my one n only!!.. i dun need no body.. i dun fear no body.. i dun call no body but u? u all i need in my life.. m callin u, wen ol my joy n ol my love is feeling gud.. cuz its due to u.. see da time of my life, my days n my night.. erm, its oriteee.. cuz at the end of da day, i still got enuff for me n my.. :( .. i dun need no body, fear no body or call no body but u my one n ONLY..